MissionFund Frequently Asked Questions

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  • There is [Donor Help] button when you go to the project page you are supporting. You'll receive the help you need by clicking the [Donor Help] button.

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A. What kind of organization is MissionFund?
[Mission Fund], a Christian community chest, started as part of OneBody Ministries that began in Handong University. It is the FinTech ministry that is currently being used by 10,000 organizations / people as a fundraising platform. It is a cooperation organization of KWMA (Korea World Mission Association).

MissionFund not only helps and supports churches, mission organizations, and missionaries, but also Christian individuals as well. Churches, mission organizations, small groups, missionaries, and individuals can join as members and send donations to any organization or individual.

We also provide effective fundraising support for missionaries and ministers so that they can spend more time in their ministry. In addition, transparency and accountability are ensured so that individuals and organizations can trust and send donations.
B. How to Fundraise with MissionFund.
  • Thanks for choosing MissionFund to fundraise.
    To get started, first download the MissionFund app and sign up if you haven’t done so.
    Once you are signed up, you are ready to create your own project to fundraise!
    You can create a project through the MissionFund app or the MissionFund website. Use whichever is more comfortable for you.
    Before you begin, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Selecting the project type
  • There are two types of project: One-Time & Monthly
    One-time project is for short term project that requires only one-time donations.
    Monthly project is for long term project that requires month-to-month donations.
    People tend to make one-time donation if given the option. We know that regular and consistent support is critical. When you choose the monthly project type, your friends and family members will be guided to make monthly donations, which makes MissionFund flexible and better than other crowd funding services.
  • Setting your goal amount
  • When setting your goal amount, it is important to make sure that your amount is measurable and reasonable. It would be good to explain how the fund will be spent and how it will help you in your story.
  • Creating your project title
  • Write a catchy and descriptive title. It would be good to include your name and reason for fundraising. For instance, title like, “Send Jennifer to Cambodia for Missions” can already tell you what the project is about.
  • Creating your project URL
  • Each project will have its own unique URL. It would be good to have a simple and easy to remember project URL for yourself and your supporters
  • Picking the main project photo
  • First impression is important. Put an image or video that can grab people's attention. Pictures or videos can speak louder than just words. It is better to put a picture of you (or a picture of your family) serving or ministering than uploading just a portrait picture. A short video that shows WHY you are fundraising is also highly recommended since a video can deliver a more powerful message than just your story
  • Writing your story
  • Your story is important. Your story or your reason for fundraising can determine a supporter. You can even write your testimony, but long doesn’t always mean good, so make sure to use bullet points and frequent paragraph breaks as those elements help the viewers to read your story more easily. Be straight forward and honest
  • Start with five
  • Once you are done creating your project, you are ready to go! Here's our next tip for you. Start with five. If you can get support from five people, projects tend to take off from there. So we encourage you to ask two friends and three family members to support you. Once you have five supporters, your project is ready to go
  • Share your project
  • Take advantage of your social media and share your project with your friends and family members. The more you share, the more people will see and become your ministry partner either through prayer or finance. MissionFund app and web provides features for you to share your project through Facebook, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Email, and text message
  • Send updates
  • Since about 70% of donors in MissionFund are giving month-to-month donations, the donors will lose interest if they don’t receive updates once in a while. Keep your supporters updated by using the update feature in the app or the web. Once you posted an update, share this update through Facebook. Remember, financial support is important but prayer support is more important and needed. So make sure to keep your supporters updated so they can continue to intercede and support you
  • Find your Keyman
  • Encourage your supporters to become a Keyman (Keyman is a person in charge of fundraising alongside with you). Through a Keyman's help, your project will be shared to more people and more people will be able to support you
  • Say Thank You
  • Show your appreciation to your supporters by sending them personal Thank You cards or messages. This small gesture can encourage your donors to continue sharing and supporting your project. You can get their phone number, email address, and home address in the Donor List menu
  • Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at cs@missionfund.org
C. I want to know how to sign up and sign in through MissionFund.
  • Signing up for MissionFund is very simple
  • 11. Download the MissionFund App
  • Once you are done signing up for MissionFund, you can sign in through the app or the website.
  • 1Click the MissionFund App or
  • 2Click [Sign In] on the upper side of the website
  • 3Login with your ID(email) and password
D. How can I create my project page?
  • If you have completed signing up after installing the Mission Fund app, you can create a project page (fund-raising page) as shown below.
E. Is donation given through the project page that is created?
Each project page has its own unique homepage address.

You can go to the project page by entering the project URL or by searching the member's name on the MissionFund homepage.

A potential supporter who comes to the project page can donate by clicking the [Donate] button. If the project page is a One-Time Project page, only one payment will be made on the credit card, and if it is a Monthly Project page, automated payment will be made on the credit card each month. If a supporter wants to donate anonymously, he/she can check the [Anonymous] box located at the bottom of the donation page. Once the donation has been made, the donor can check if the donation has been processed on the main page of the project.
F. I want to update my project page.
  • To update the contents of the project page, follow the steps below.
  • 1You can update your project page by signing in at MissionFund website and clicking the [Edit] button located on the [Project Management].
G. I want to know the deposit status of the funds raised so far.
  • You can check the status of the donations for your project as shown below.
  • 11. Sign in to the MissionFund homepage or project page
  • 2Click [Project Management] button of the project page for which you want to check the deposit status.
  • 3Click [Monthly Settlement] button located on the upper right corner of [Update] page
  • 4Set the desired month in the middle of the page.
  • 55. The monthly settlement can be checked only for the previous month, and will be updated after 15 days of the month. (For example, the monthly settlement in May will be available after June 15)
H. I want to see the donor information. Where can I check this?
  • You can see the donor information by
  • 1Signing in to the MissionFund website or
  • 2Clicking on the donor name in the “My Donors” menu of your mobile app.
I. When do donors get charged for their donations? Can I pick the date?
The date when donors get charged for monthly donation and one-time donation is different. The monthly donation is fixed on the 20th of each month, and cannot be changed. The one-time donation will be charged within about 7 days based on the donation registration date.
J. When can I receive the donations of my monthly project?
Donations are deposited into the MissionFund account and will be forwarded to the member's account on the 25th day of the following month.

Even if the donor made the donation on the 25th, the actual date of the donation to the MissionFund account is on the 20th of the following month. Therefore, this amount will be forwarded to the member's account on the 25th of the next, next month. (For example, if a donor donates on September 25th, the actual date of transfer from the card company to MissionFund will be October 20th, and MissionFund will transfer it on the 25th day of the following month, so the transfer will be made on the 25th of November.)
K. How can I receive the donations contributed through one-time project?
The payment date of one-time project in the US will take less than 20 days after clicking the [Withdrawal] button on the app. If you click [Withdrawal], the MissionFund team will start the transfer process and send the check within 20 days.

  • Click on the [Withdrawal] button located on the very bottom

Note: After you click [Withdrawal], the project page will be closed and you won’t be able to receive more donations.
L. How can a donor cancel the donation or change the payment information?
When you visit the project page you are supporting, there is a [Donor Help] button located on the top. Donors will receive the help they need through that menu.
M. How can I upload my friends list?
  • Uploading your friends list is as follows.

N. I would like to change my address where the check is delivered to or my PayPal email address.
  • If you want to change your address where the check is delivered to or your PayPal email address, please request the change to cs@missionfund.org
O. Can I receive a receipt for my donations?
MissionFund will issue a donation receipt if you send the following information to cs@missionfund.org

ㅇ Donor Name :
ㅇ Donor's contact information :
ㅇ Donated to (recipient) :
ㅇ Donor’s home address :
ㅇ Donor's date of birth :

P. Transaction fee and/or transfer fee (applied Jan, 2017)
  • Donations made in US dollar have a 3.9% card transaction fee + 28 KRW management fee.
  • When you have a Korean bank account and receive donations in USD ($), the exchange rates are applied as follows.
  • 1USD ($)→ KRW (₩) (Korean account)
  • - Payment fees deducted from donations made successfully (3.9% transaction fee, 28 KRW management fee)
    - Transfer and exchange fees ($4.50)
    - We apply the official exchange rate of 10th of each month (based on IBK).
  • 2KRW (₩)→ USD ($) (US account)
  • - Payment fees deducted from donations made successfully (Bank transfer: 180 KRW / card payment: 3.08%). Management costs such as announcements/ phone calls / texts / server and traffic costs (Bank transfer: 560 KRW / Credit card: 280 KRW)
    - Transfer and exchange fee (₩4,500)
    - We apply the official exchange rate of 10th of each month (based on IBK).
Q. Which countries can use MissionFund? What is the strength of MissionFund?
  • Income tax deductions are available to those who make donations through MissionFund because MissionFund is a non-profit mission organization established in Korea and United States.
  • 1Anyone can donate with a Visa / MasterCard
  • 2For South Korea and the United States, the donations will be sent to the bank account you entered when you signed up.
  • 3Income tax deduction is only available to donors who donate in South Korea or the United States.
  • 4regular sponsors are close to 80%

More Inquires
  • 1MissionFund is currently serving more than 30,000 fundraisers and donors. There are daily requests from donors to check their donation status and change donation information in addition to various inquiries from fundraisers as well. Because it is a financial matter, the processing of these requests is done with caution and takes time.
  • 2We are continuing to upgrade the system at the same time, so we are working hard to be efficient as possible while serving you.
  • 3We ask for your cooperation. 80% of the questions can be answered if you look at the FAQ above. If you cannot find an answer here, please email cs@missionfund.org. We will respond within 24 hours on a business day basis.